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Founded in 1995, Raffaella Cortese Gallery offers a rigorous exhibition program focused on themes related to feminism, ecology, language and literature, as well as individual, national and political identity. Based in Milan since the beginning, the gallery now has three exhibition spaces in Via Stradella.

Customized management system

The materials accompanying the analytical sections can be consulted independently and across the individual sheets of works, exhibitions, bibliography and artists in order to always have at your disposal an up-to-date inventory of the photographic and documentary materials digitalized.

The printing functions

From each section you can produce lists with multiple records or fact sheets with carefully formatted images and data, to generate documents ready for printing and dissemination with a single click.

The management of condition reports

You can archive, fill out and print the condition reports directly from your management system.

Custom FileMaker GO application

Using the same tool, the gallery can also manage a range of reserved content, visible through a dedicated application directly from your mobile device.

The management of artists

For each artist it is possible to archive a text of his biography in Italian and English and the picture.
From this section you can print the artist's biography.

The gallery has a long relationship with Umberto and OfficineBit started in 2006.
With the transition to the new interface proposed to us in 2018, we have significantly reduced the time needed to create key documents of our work such as price lists, dossiers, consignments and certificates of authenticity. The variants developed for each of these formats are adapted to the needs of a gallery that represents an international group of artists and regularly participates in exhibitions in Europe and the United States.
The OfficineBit team has always been available, attentive and dynamic to our needs and in the creation of interfaces dedicated to consultation from iPhone and iPad. The section for the detailed drafting of condition reports is also very important.
All these aspects have allowed us to expand the functionality of a system that is an integral part of our daily work.

Lele Buonerba, Gallery Raffaella Cortese