Enrico Castellani, Milan
Archive of the work of Enrico Castellani


Superficie rossa, 2003
Acrylic on canvas
60 × 60 cm
Private collection

The Foundation

The Enrico Castellani Foundation is responsible for the study and protection of the work of Enrico Castellani, one of the greatest protagonists of the world art history of the post-war period, and for the issuance of certificates of authenticity.

The Foundation is also the owner of the copyrights of the artist’s works and writings.

The collaboration between OFFICINEBIT.CH and the Enrico Castellani Archive (now Fondazione Enrico Castellani), since 2000, has provided for the development of a software useful for cataloging, archiving and managing the artist’s work, able to easily relate data and images without limitations and to group them according to different criteria. After the release of the first two volumes of the Catalogue Raisonné, released in 2012, in view of the publication of the third volume, which is expected to be released in 2021, the software has been further enriched with new sections both aimed at the evolution of this project and in anticipation of a possible sharing of some of the contents.

Federico Sardella
Enrico Castellani Foundation

Analytical bibliography

The digital archive developed for the Enrico Castellani Foundation offers the usual archiving cards divided into works, exhibitions and bibliography. Each section is customized according to the specific needs of the Foundation, to allow the timely recording of the materials collected and analyzed over the years.

Catalogue of images

The materials accompanying the analytical sections can be consulted independently and across the individual worksheets, exhibitions and bibliography, so that an up-to-date inventory of digitalized photographic and documentary materials is always available.

Printing Functions

A special menu shows, in each section, the available print formats. These options are also customizable and editable according to the needs of each institution.

Artworks Dossier

From each section you can produce lists with multiple records or fact sheets with carefully formatted images and data, to generate documents ready to be printed and propagated with a single click.