Aldo Rossi, Milan
Archive of the work of Aldo Rossi

Courtesy Fondazione Aldo Rossi

Photographs and inventory

The creative environment of the great Milanese architect is characterized by a fertile production of drawings and paintings on the most diverse paper supports. Cardboards, glossy papers, collages, tissue paper and drawing paper, in different formats bear witness to the reflections on the architectural projects carried out.
All the materials collected by the heirs have been photographed and digitized in order to create a precise catalogue.
This relational database is a tool that guarantees the Aldo Rossi Foundation scholars the possibility to create links and references between these works and the many architectural and design achievements.

The catalogue of drawings by Aldo Rossi

The database created was a valuable support for the production of the book: Aldo Rossi Disegni, 2008 edited by Germano Celant.

Studio per la scuola di Cantù, 1987
© Eredi Aldo Rossi
Courtesy Fondazione Aldo Rossi