Archive of
Luciano Bartolini, Milan

Album of unpublished drawings and writings made by the artist during a trip to Mykonos in June 1990

Ne demandez pas si le Principe est dans ceci ou dans cela;
il est dans tous les etres.
C'est pour cela qu'on Lui donnes les épithètes de grand,
de suprème, d'entier, d'universel, de total...

The Luciano Bartolini Archive

It is a committee founded in 1994 on the initiative of Gian Domenico Sozzi, heir of the artist. 
The aim of the non-profit committee is to set up the archive, to collect works and writings, to preserve them, and to encourage their consultation, organization and study. It also aims to promote the artist’s knowledge among the public, critics and museums, as well as to improve, protect and promote his artistic image in Italy and abroad, to organize exhibitions, cultural meetings, to attest the authenticity of the artist’s works.
The study and archiving of the work are aimed at the drafting of the catalogue raisonné.

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