Piero Manzoni, Milan
Archive of the work of Piero Manzoni


Merda d’artista, 1961
Tin box, printed paper
4,5 × ø 6 cm

The Piero Manzoni Foundation

The Piero Manzoni Archive was founded in 1992 by the artist's family to take care of the archiving of Piero Manzoni's works.
Due to the breadth of its activities and the international recognition of its work, since 2009 the Archive has changed its legal status into a Foundation, continuing to research, preserve, protect and promote the work of the artist.

The archive of works

The Foundation is concerned with safeguarding the market, archiving works that a committee of experts considers authentic, protecting operators and collectors from the numerous forgeries in circulation.

Archiving and verifying the authenticity of the works require a versatile cataloging tool: the software solution developed specifically for the Piero Manzoni archive is constantly updated, developing all the necessary aspects that the study of the work requires.

Relations and cooperation

In addition to the careful control of authenticity, the Foundation collaborates with museums and scholars who organize exhibitions and publications of the artist's works, providing the necessary materials and supervision. 
It also collects documentation on Piero Manzoni and his time and collaborates and promotes historical-critical research related to the artist.


Screenshot of the section on archiving documents.
Each document is linked to exhibitions, works and authors.
The digitalized document is available both as an image and as a PDF file.


All inventoried works can be viewed in List format and Sheet format.
Each work is related to its own documentation, exhibition, bibliography and images.

The General Catalogue of the works of Piero Manzoni, published by Skira in collaboration with the Archive Opera Piero Manzoni onlus.
The book, entrusted by the heirs of the artist to Germano Celant, has documented the entire creative excursus of Piero Manzoni, cataloguing all existing works through direct verification and scientific analysis.
Of the 1.229 works published, over 400 are reproduced in colour.


The Bibliography database allows the cataloguing of bibliographic information related to the different subjects of research: works, exhibitions, documents. The bibliography is accompanied by pictures and references to the authors.

Piero Manzoni signs the living sculptures.