Cultural association
Viafarini, Milan
Independent space for contemporary art

The technical support and archiving advice over the years have allowed the Viafarini Archive to remain at the forefront of the use of multimedia content. Today, the new website is proving to be a versatile tool that allows our team to operate independently, organising the publication of more than 8,000 documents and materials including images, videos and texts. We could not find a solution more suited to the needs of a thirty-year archive declared to be of historical interest such as ours.

Giulio Verago
board of directors and curatorship

Viafarini was founded at the beginning of the Nineties with the aim of promoting the professional growth of young artists and raising public awareness of contemporary art, combining exhibition and educational activities and documentation services on the visual arts.

The mission of Viafarini is divided into three main points:

  • to raise awareness of young Italian artists in the contemporary art system, as a first step in their path of growth and the consequent interest of curators, critics and museums;
  • to promote the mobility of artists and support them in seeking funding as a prerequisite for their professional development, including at international level;
  • to broaden the public interested in contemporary art through exhibitions, educational and training tools.

The website: Artistwall

The website is based on "Artistwall", a web platform originally designed for art collections and artist portfolios. Based on a simple but extremely versatile module, it can adapt to different contents and types as in this specific case.




Creative Incubator


Viafarini's database is organized to record all the events of its thirty years of activity, linking artists, works and collections with the contributions of all the promoters and supporters of Milan's extraordinary independent space.

Thanks to Umberto Cavenago, artist and friend of Viafarini whose vision contributed to the development of the Archive. 

Patrizia Brusarosco
founder of Viafarini