Archive of the work of
Aligi Sassu, Monza


Via Manzoni 1952
oil on canvas
200 × 149,5 cm

The Aligi Sassu Archive

Created by Carlos Julio Sassu Suarez in 1987 with the support of the artist, the Aligi Sassu archive aims to preserve and catalogue the painterly, sculptural and graphic works of the master, as well as to keep alive the memory and the human and artistic value of the great painter and sculptor.

From the analysis of the works to the tailor-made management

The collaboration with the Aligi Sassu Archive, curated by Carlos Julio Sassu Suarez - the painter's adopted son - began at the end of the last century. From the primordial setting of the database, oriented to the basic function of storing data, it was necessary to move in 2018 to an articulated and complete management tool, able to export or print different types of documents and to produce certificates of authenticity.

Take care of the Archive

After finalizing the new digital archive, the collaboration with Carlos Julio Sassu Suarez continued, becoming a real critical work: we take care of the routine management of the archive, digitalize the works not yet counted, periodically verify what has already been compiled with the aim of continuing the publication of the Master’s work in an online catalogue.

The Archive of Aligi Sassu has become today a reliable structure that examines, archives and enhances documents, images and data related to each other on a daily basis, trying to keep alive the memory and the work of the artist.


The Bibliography database allows the cataloguing of bibliographic information related to different subjects of research: works, exhibitions, documents. The bibliography is accompanied by pictures and references to the authors.


Screenshot of the section on archiving documents.
Each document is linked to works, catalogues and exhibitions.
The digitalized document is available as both text and PDF file.


All inventoried works can be viewed in list format and sheet format.
Each work is related to its own documentation, exhibition, bibliography and images.

Photo credits: Archvio Aligi Sassu

Aligi Sassu in front of his work Battaglia dei tre cavalieri, 1975/89 oil on canvas; 260 × 260 cm