The Online Works Catalogue

The Catalogue of an artist or an art collection is the publication that, according to an explicit methodology, brings together all the documentation relating to the works and production of one or more artists, with the aim of becoming the reference tool for the study and documentation of works.

It is based on the work of research and study on the entire corpus of available works and, for this reason, is a "work in progress" subject to modifications, corrections and enrichments over time, susceptible to significant changes when new works or unpublished documents emerge.

To obviate the risk of obsolescence of traditional publication systems, the most popular trend on the international scene involves the publication of an online catalogue within the official website of the artist or archive: a modality that guarantees the timely updating of information, its immediate sharing with a wider public and a more immersive and interactive mode of consultation.

This is an important operation to guarantee the solidity of artistic production and its defence, study and promotion.

By combining and developing the digital archive and the website together, we enable you to create a multifaceted system in which from the Archive it is possible to update, with a single click, directly the website that publishes the Online Catalogue, carefully selecting which information and materials to share online.