The digital artist archive

The Archive of an artist, of a museum, of an art gallery, of a public or private collection is a fundamentally important structure that, with constant updating and organisation, gathers the most complete documentation on artists, works, events and publications.

A place of study and memory, it documents and reconstructs artistic personalities and institutional events through the collection of critical and theoretical writings, press review articles, catalogues and invitations, audio-visual materials, photographs and correspondence.

The Archive is not, however, exclusively dedicated to the safekeeping of historical material, but increasingly becomes a tool for daily use in the organisation and administrative management of its institution.

One of the fundamental tasks of the Archive is therefore to collect, catalogue, correlate and adequately preserve all documents and information relating to the life and production of artists and to contribute to a more agile and correct institutional activity.

Our customised software solutions meet all these requirements, with the guarantee of maximum confidentiality and data security, project flexibility and integration with the most innovative technologies.

Functions and features

The digitalisation of the archive and the use of IT tools provide new tools and functionalities for daily work:  

  • optimised data compilation and consultation forms for the management of Works, Exhibitions, Bibliography, Master Data of Collectors and Contacts, Documents, Movements, Warehouses, etc.
  • quick data research and query functionality, possibility to sort data according to multiple criteria
  • implementation of scripts to automate frequently performed procedures: exporting images, creating documents, updating data on the site or on other platforms
  • setting up dossiers and print formats specifically designed for different needs (authentication certificates, cards, lists, labels, etc.)
  • quick access from browsers and mobile devices with FileMaker GO and FileMaker WebDirect, a web technology that allows FileMaker solutions to run immediately directly in a web browser
  • the ability to customise access for each user, assigning differentiated privileges that determine the viewing, compiling and editing capabilities for each section.